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Poisons that make us FAT: "obesogens"

Dr. Oz Fans (drozfans.com); edited and expanded on by Wisdom Quarterly

Doctor Oz did a show on Obesogens called “Obesogens: The Chemicals You’re Eating That Make You Fat.”

Before then I had never heard the word “Obesogen.” They are chemicals hidden in our food at home and in restaurants IS making us fat.

We assume we know what causes weight gain: eating too many calories and not getting enough exercise. But without knowing it we are eating chemicals that are making us put on the pounds.
  • MEAT EATERS: Animals are stuffed with hormones to fatten up quickly to be slaughtered. Then we eat that tainted slaughtered flesh and those hormones that have the exact same effect on us.
  • VEGETARIANS: Have you become addicted to fat-free sweets and cakes? It's no accident. It's common. You will balloon up, have a runny nose, and experience almost as many problems as meat eaters -- even more because their toxins keep their bodies from cleansing, whereas a veggie body is constantly trying to cleanse and experiencing "cleansing crises" like skin eruptions and more. The answer is not meat and dairy. It is eating good fats everyday, and never eating starch without fats like avocados, virgin coconut oil, olives, raw soaked (and preferably rinsed) nuts and seeds -- while avoiding adulterated, plasticized/deodorized, cooked, clear, plastic bottled vegetable oils like the plague.
Scientists have found that certain chemicals contribute to weight gain. They have named these synthetic chemicals Obesogens and Endocrine Disruptors. ("Endocrine" refers to our internal, hormone controlled system, which is the way our body communicates with itself, a process disrupted by outside hormones and chemicals that mimic hormones, called xenoestrogens, from animals, plants, and pharmaceuticals).

They promote obesity by altering the way we feel. They promote hunger even if we are obese and full of another unsatisfying meal. They increase our fat cells like they are meant to do to an animal being fattened on a factory farm. (Did anyone see "FOOD, INC." or "EARTHLINGS"?)

Obesogens are found in additives in processed foods. They are in the lining of cans. They are now in the tissues of (slaughtered living beings we gently refer to as) meat and fish.

In a 2010 show Dr. Oz was joined by Robert Lustig, who said that the idea that a calorie is a calorie is total nonsense. It is a falsehood that has been scientifically disproved:
  • Give lab mice in a vivisection experiment or prisoners in a social experiment the exact same number of calories. But make one group's calories come from carbs and the other come from fats. What will happen? No. The ones on carbs will balloon up to obese levels and demand more food. The ones on fats will eat less and feel much more satisfied (satiation) so that you cannot even entice or force more food on them. The ones given good, unprocessed, un-rancid fats will actually lose weight as a result. (HEADLINE: Fresh virgin coconut oil leads to weight loss). It's not magic. But it is the opposite of what we are told.
Biochemical forces promote weight gain. Diet (mild forms of starvation) and exercise (calorie burning that confuses a fat body and sends the internal message to eat more to make up for the loss) may not help. HEADLINE: So what we are all told about eating less and exercising more actually does not work for us in some instances.
This problem -- a very profitable one for food corporations, governments with big populations to feed, particularly in impoverished parts of the US, the country that invented the "problem" -- are seeing this. It is in every developed and developing country exposed to our S.A.D. (standard American diet) and the "four food groups" four industries lobbied to have put on the pyramid.
  • Proof that the "four food groups" promoted by the federal government is propaganda? Who strictly eats according to these federal guidelines? There is one group of Americans forced to eat this in a controlled environment with similar genetics. It is the Native Americans trapped by the invisible prison that is the Reservation system. They are not allowed to gather, hunt, or cultivate according to the old traditions. In the place of that healthy and harmonious way of being on this continent, their food is trucked in by the federal government. And federal law requires it meet USDA standards. And those standards are based on the false "four food groups" propaganda. And look at the results. The highest rates of morbidity, man made conditions that never existed for them prior to colonization: diabetes, depression, obesity, heart disease, alcoholism, cancer...
  • Who else has these in increasing numbers though not nearly as bad since they are let out of their invisible "jail" for most of the day? School kids exposed to the federal lunch program and fast food mentality of school districts that think pink slime is meat and ketchup is a vegetable serving.
Dr. Oz asked Stephen Perrine who is most at risk for the effects of obesogens? Perrine listed:
  • children under 7
  • pregnant women
  • people who are already obese
These three groups are most at risk because the more fat in our bodies already have, the more Obesogens our bodies can store.

Three Organs Targeted by Obesogens
  1. Liver – Obesogens make our livers insulin resistant (or at least unresponsive if we do not have any chromium left in our bodies to turn food into energy in addition to the other trace minerals and vitamins we need to be accomplish this). This then means that our pancreas has to increase the amount of insulin it makes by driving energy into our fat cells.
  2. Brain – Obesogens block the signals our body sends to our brain to tell us that we are now satiated (not hungry). This the known danger of excitotoxins: hidden MSG, chemical "natural" flavors, Aspertame, artificial sweeteners, softeners, preservatives, colors, mold inhibitors...
  3. Fat Cells – Obesogens encourage our fat cells to multiply (like animals being prepped for slaughter, which you'll remember is why they are introduced into the meat supply).
Dr. Oz explains that the chemicals in our environment today are much different from the ones previous generations grew up with. For example, conventional (non-organic) strawberries are covered in an unbelievable number of pesticides.

These chemicals come into our bodies where they irritate our precious livers and cause us to grow more fat cells. This is yet another reason to look for organic produce.

Dr. Oz demonstrated to help bring this phenomenon to life. Usually our glands will talk to estrogen, which will talk to fat and tell it to grow larger. So think of there being three safes: glands, estrogen, and fat.

Without the right code, we cannot open the next safe. The glands can open estrogen and turn it on; estrogen can open the cells and turn them on. Obesogens are like crowbars that go straight to our fat cells, break in, and make them grow.

Dr. Oz points out that even the White House and policy makers are worried about Obesogens and child obesity. But "concern" has not led to changes that would impact food corporations. Their lobbyists make sure to prevent that.

Obesogen Contaminated Foods to Avoid
1. High Fructose Corn Syrup – Whether in sweetened cereals, ketchup, or soda, it induces insulin "resistance" in the liver. At the same time it causes us to crave more of it in a vicious cycle.

Dr. Oz asked if it was just this highly processed form or ALL sugars. His guests said that other forms of sugar are a problem as well.

Americans used to eat just 15 grams [4 grams = 1 teaspoon] of sugar a day. Now we are up to 90 grams a day. The problem is that high fructose corn syrup is in most packaged and processed foods. Read the label.
  • Why is it there? It is added because it makes us hungry! We eat more, buy more, crave more, without ever getting satiated.
  • We die obese and unsatisfied, chasing something that could never have satisfied us even if we had an infinite amount of it to eat.
  • It is genius on their part and utter foolishness on ours. Caveat emptor ("buyer beware"), the companies say in accordance with our rugged Western individualism and self-responsibility. They laugh all the way to Washington DC and the bank.
2. Animal Protein and Farm Raised Fish - Animal products like fleish and dairy have Obesogens stored in their contaminated fat deposits. Most of the salmon in stores are called “Atlantic salmon.” Natural fish used to be high in healthy Omega fatty acids (like rich vegetable sources -- hemp, chia, borage, pumpkin, almond, and other nuts and seeds except for flax, a terrible food that should never be eaten by humans).

"Atlantic salmon" is farmed salmon, which has more pesticides. Eat wild foods. Avoid meat and fish that are now concentrated sources of plant pesticides. This is what happens as we try to eat higher up the food chain.

Did you know that farmed salmon is usually white and not a deep pinkish orange salmon color (which wild salmon get from eating shrimp, which are scavengers like the "cockroaches of the sea" along with crab)?

Fish farmers use food pellets that are the color they want their salmon to be; the food pellets artificially dye the salmon from the inside out. These dyes are similar to the ones sprayed on meat in the butcher shop. The flesh is old and would be grey like a corpse. To keep it from rotting with a freshly killed appearance, it is dyed and embalmed and sold as "fresh." It's cheaper this way, more cancerous, but more profitable for corporations.

Most Americans are actually eating embalmed flesh made to look less old and harmful. Marbled meat -- flesh with lots of fat deposits -- is also a problem. It is created by feeding the animals corn. After all, carbs make animals fat not fats, something that has worked so well for profitable corporations: feeding grains (starchy seeds) to livestock that prefer green grass and nutritious sprouts, not the scarce seeds of the grass, which is what grains are, seeds which would only be available for a short part of the year when other foods were abundant.

HEADLINE: Cows, pigs, chicken, and fish do not naturally eat grain. But that is about all they get on modern farms (in addition to cannibalizing downer-animals that die and would otherwise go to waste after succumbing to disease, abuse, chemicals, and malnutrition even as they grow fat) and putting them into the feed thereby making vegetarian animals meat eaters to be eaten by meat eaters).

Eating animals mistreated like this increases Obesogen levels stored in our bodies. Eat hormone-free and antibiotic-free foods.

3. Tap Water – Think about this for a moment. Pesticides are sprayed on crops. Those pesticides seep into the water table deep underground. It then makes its way into our tap water supply. Modern slaughterhouses, ranches, and farms are some of the worst polluters on the planet, certainly in these United States.

Dr. Oz encourages everyone to get a granular activated carbon water filter (either the pitcher type stored in the fridge or the faucet type that filters water as it comes out of the tap). A better option is a small distiller.

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