Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mind Control in the New World Order (video)

, NOW ON DVD: David Icke LIVE at The Oxford Union Cat. #U697

David Icke (pronounced ike as in "like") encapsulates our current plight and how humanity can secure its freedom from the hidden hand behind global events.

Tens of millions of people across the globe now turn to David Icke's extraordinary information as the world he has predicted in books and talks is becoming part our daily experience.

We are seeing the pages of George Orwell's famous dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, come to life in what can now be called our Big Brother surveillance state.

The Matrix we are sleepwalking through is expanding toward its goal of a global fascist authoritarian planet. "Fascism" is simply the marriage of corporate and government forces most famously seen in Nazi Germany.

Icke has spent decades doing research in more than 45 countries uncovering the cabal of interbreeding bloodlines and exclusionary families. Their agenda, with our help as "little Eichmanns," is for human enslavement.

Their goals and methods of operation and manipulation are all around us if we wake up to them: PR, propaganda, mainstream media complicity, police state abuse, White House collusion, imperialism, and our own unwitting participation.

Once we begin to become aware of what is really happening in our world and why, Icke's presentation is not to be missed. Our freedom and that of our descendents for seven generations depend on it.

AUDIO: News of the World (NPR)
  • Israel sounds [false] alarm as Iran engages in nuclear talks: Last weekend's meeting on Iran's controversial nuclear program didn't produce any breakthroughs, but the envoys from six world powers and Iran suggested that the talks in Istanbul began a process that could lead to an eventual compromise. NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro reports that Israel was not happy with the results from Istanbul. 
  • Nazi past has French town wary of Far-Right politics: Much of the French presidential campaign has played out on the far right, around the issues of security and crime and immigration. Even Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy has spoken of limiting immigration and deporting foreigners. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley visited a French town still haunted by ghosts of its far-right past.
  • US campaign finance disclosures mark turning point: We have a new look at the fundraising contest being waged by Pres. BS Obama and Gov. Willard "Mittens" Romney. The Mormon may like to say the pseudo-Muslim president is out of ideas, but Obama's re-election campaign is definitely not out of money.
  • World Bank: Strings attached to IMF's new financial firepower: Member countries have pledged $430 billion to add to the International Monetary Fund's crisis-fighting arsenal. The aim is to amass enough resources to handle any further problems coming from the prolonged debt crisis in Europe, but the funds come with a few caveats.
  • City is calm, a day after Syria-wide protests: The shelling in the City of Homs has stopped for the moment. A small advance team of United Nations observers are visiting the country. On Friday, thousands turned out for anti-government protesters across Syria. NPR's Kelly McEvers reports that activists say at least 16 people were killed.

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