Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Internet is only 5,000 days old (video)

Seven, CC Liu, Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly;

The Internet (the Web, WWW, that ubiquitous thing called the Net that traps and rules almost everyone) is only 5,000 days old.

And already it has become the biggest spying medium and time dump, siphoning away countless hours, leaving us mesmerized by screens and terrified of becoming disconnected. We never seem to notice that we are not connected by tech-dependent "connectivity"...said the people over the Internet.

It is far more effective than TV, the original Boob Tube. The Boob has become You, with your own Tube to download and upload to.

There is mail, music, video, searches, surprisingly innovative Buddhist Weblogs, and dating. Have you tried with your cell phone? Have you seen OK Cupid, which is free and uber cool? Or the darn desperate sounding

There goes another week of swamping around the pixels and private profiles of strangers.

"Kill" your computer and run! Never use "evil" Google when there are better search engines willing to help without spying, tracking, and selling your date. A good alternative? or:

Sneak Peek: What's a Wayfinder?

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World
Psychology Today, USA Today, and National Public Radio (NPR) have all referred to Martha Beck, PhD as “one of the best-known life coaches in America.”

She is a monthly columnist for "O," the Oprah Magazine, and has contributed to Real Simple, Redbook, and Mademoiselle. She has written for many other national magazines as well and appears frequently as an “expert” on life design on dull programs like Good Morning America.

She is the author of Steering by Starlight, Expecting Adam, and her latest Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

Beck talks about the ancient "wayfinders" and "wayfarers" [Buddhist samanas or shramans, "wandering recluses," who leave it all behind to find enlightenment] and the importance of why we too must find our own way through this rapidly changing, technologically driven, often chaotic new world.

Her book attempts to access the capacity of the brain to find that non-verbal (pre-verbal, nobly silent) part of us that "knows" and knows that it knows that it knows. She offers tips on how to navigate safely through this wild new world in every aspect of our lives.

  • “Martha Beck is the wisest, most generous and gifted of spiritual leaders. Her book will show you how to gently unlock your potential for deep transformation, so that you can explore uncharted territory and come home to your true, purposeful, and unafraid self.” –Harriet Lerner, PhD, author of The Dance of Anger and Marriage Rules
  • “We really like what she's saying in spite of her sickly, squirrely, jolting, spastic way of uttering it. What're ya gonna do?” Wisdom Quarterly

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