Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 99% Spring begins

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From the Arab Spring that began in Tunisia to Wall Street, USA -- the 99% are rising to greatness (

It's not easy living in a "fascist state," but Dr. Gary Null says it's official. The only two groups of people who do not believe it are the corporate left and right. When does the mainstream media ever listen to Chris Hedges or anyone else one commonly hears on Pacifica Radio, RT, or Al Jazeera -- and alternative media outlets on Wisdom Quarterly's right panel. These outlets are sometimes only marginally progressive because they have other agendas and ambitions. Some want to become "official," respectable, profitable corporate-sponsored commercial outlets.

May 1st General Strike
Ruth Fowler, Occupy Los
M1GS? Caravans? 4 winds? There's so much happening! How do I get involved? Student debt, no job, no car, what's the point? Yeah, we hear it all. So here's your handy 101 guide to getting involved, complete with links: #M1GS stands for May 1st General Strike. Occupy LA called for a General Strike back in November. It was approved by the GA. And all the other Occupations took up the call, along with unions in contract disputes, unions not in contract disputes who want to participate without going against Taft-Hartley, The Black Riders, The Brown Berets, and other radical left organizations in and around LA. How are we going to have a General Strike if folks can't "officially" strike? By calling in sick to work. By school walk outs. And by disrupting the flow of Capital on Mayday... More

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