Monday, April 23, 2012

Sangha (Buddhists) Bowling

Wisdom Quarterly;; Great River Ekayana Sangha
Bowling lotus Buddha (
Some Buddhists bowl, some cheer, some laugh, as everyone relaxes with friends old and new. Well, then there's "Lucky," who tends to be spastic when he's up, dramatic when he's down. You'd think we were Norway showing no anger as a mass murderer was gloating. Lucky likes to brag the way the mainstream media and CIA say Iran is bragging about building a copy of a captured US drone. And he promises he won't the way the US promises Afghanistan we will withdraw soon. But this week Pres. Obama is signing an agreement with corrupt patsy Karzai to stay at least ten more years providing "security." Yeah, Lucky is about as likely to bowl a perfect game as the military-industrial complex (MIC) is to ever leave a money making venture that is not tapped out.

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