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How to give your kid AUTISM (video)

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Autism the Musical? Now that 1 in 88 (or more) children born in the US fall into the range of Autism Spectrum Disorder, it makes sense. Pregnant? Take food-based GTC Chromium, particularly if obese or diabetic, to prevent offspring from developing this condition. Avoid mass vaccinations given in overwhelming clusters; avoid vaccinations altogether or at least space them out so as not to overwhelm a child's system.

Want a kid who keeps quiet? Who clings to you? Who seems unaware of the outside world? Autism might be the way to go. Peter Pan Syndrome of interest to some mothers.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder -- from Aspberger's to shy to socially awkward -- have a hard time becoming independent, so the apron strings never have to be cut. It may be shocking that anyone would want an autistic child when autism can be such a profound mental and social disorder. But it doesn't matter what people "want" when they are behaving as if they want it without knowing. And many are therefore getting it.

() Tricia Regan's documentary "Autism: The Musical" follows five autistic children on their journey to create and perform a live musical. Watch a preview! It airs on "Super Soul Sunday" April 15 at 11/10c.
What are parents, particularly biological mothers, doing? Diabetes, obesity, and exposure to environmental toxins.

Which toxins? The tremendous load brought on by 50 vaccines given at once to defenseless infants and children in the name of money, doctor's profits when many vaccines are now unnecessary and optional (one can opt out, which admittedly is difficult to do but not nearly as difficult as raising an autistic child).

That load is added to the toxins already in mother's milk, which every child should get along with the colostrum of the first production or one can expect colic, depression and endless digestive problems from not establishing the right flora in the gut.

Asperger's Syndrome (O.O.P.S./New York Times)

If it is often what the parents were doing, in addition to the mysterious working of karma, before conceiving and the vaccines they expose their children to -- which are mostly harmless but almost never given ALONE!

The "vaccine" is not always the problem; excipients, carriers, and deadly "preservatives" are the problem. But try to get one without the other, and it begins to become clear how biased "scientific studies" avoid finding a link because they do not use what is given to children.

They instead use unadulterated vaccine strains to not confound their results. If they were to use "vaccines" as they are given to children, then their results would have to be suppressed by pharmaceutical firms and governments, but at least the scientists would know that they are causing this devastating condition.

(A similar thing happens with regard to produce and vegetable nutrition labels, which used to show vitamin and mineral content as if cooking, which destroys and washes them away, were not a normal part of eating them).

And all one will be told is that "Oh, but deadly mercury (thimerosal, etc.), aluminum, or other are just present in minute amounts" as if any more than trace amounts were needed to cause brain damage in an infant.

What can be done?

What is the common link between obesity and diabetes and autism? A lac of the vital mineral GLUCOSE TOLERANCE FACTOR (GTF) CHROMIUM. This should not be confused with the toxic metal chromium or the government's toxic creation "chromium picolinate," which should be avoided.

What is vital for the body -- reversing diabetes, autism, and giving the body the energy it once had by being able to metabolize sugars -- is chromium as a naturally occurring element embedded in the food matrix (and added afterward). It must now be supplemented because it is missing from the food supply. All foods are now low in it, and the few whole foods that still have some usually have only enough to utilize in their own digestion.

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Lutz said...

I love your sarcasm in this piece. Psychiatrists (who are coming from a bad egocentric Western position to start with) get paid by the parents so they have absolutely no interest in picking apart the parents. Instead, the kid becomes the scapegoat. The immediate cause of the visit to said shrink usually related to a nasty divorce or a mother with Munchausens By Proxy. Or both.

Thanks to this, I worried that i had autism for years. My parents pathologized EVERYTHING i did, even spirituality and especially any sparks i threw off related to that.

Turns out i was born awakened, and the reason i went through all that crap is that im a Ksitigharba emanation...... realizing this was like going from forward to reverse at 200mph... not comfortable at all. Especially because it happened last year. Ask me how i figured this out - i can substantiate my claims here.

Not discounting actual cases of autism, but i have to wonder how many other kids are being brainwashed and suppressed like i was, especially with the advent of wonderful chi-suppressing med cocktails...