Friday, April 13, 2012

Festivals: Partying in a Police State (video)

Amber Dorrian, Dev, Pat Macpherson, Irma Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly
() The truth is closer than can be shared on the corporate media controlled YouTube. The Brave New World Order looms large like carrot and an Orwellian dystopia will be the stick. Our day is coming.

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. What else is there to do in a police state? There are so many "festivals" beginning this weekend in Southern California. Today kicks off Coachella Weekends I and II.

Tomorrow Pasadena, in association with the Armory Arts Center, holds its annual spring Earth and Arts Festival. Next weekend the great yoga experiment, running counter to other big draws around town, is the first, soon-to-go-worldwide Tadasana Yoga Festival.

Why go to any of them? In a time conflict, depression, and general hopelessness, diversion seems to make sense.

Hedonism feels right. My distress and disappointment are rooted in sensual craving. If I itch, I scratch. If I crave, I seek pleasure or immediate relief.

Yes, of course, it doesn't really work. The Buddha was right. Craving, not the lack of pleasure, is the problem.

Police State?

"Scenes of a Crime" police state arrest and interrogation tactics documentary: Opens in LA on Friday the 13th at Laemmle’s Music Hall. A Q&A with the directors follows the 7:20 pm screenings on Friday and Saturday. Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times says, “Be prepared to be outraged. A cool documentary that makes the blood boil, it examines how people can be psychologically manipulated [by police] into confessing [whether they are guilty of anything or not].”

More eating will not make one less hungry, or obese people would be the most satisfied. They are the hungriest, the loneliest, the most empty-feeling. Does that mean the starving are doing well? No, of course not. If their minds crave, they suffer worse than the overfed. The overfed can take comfort in the proof that having overeaten did not fix or heal anything. The starving might still hold out hope that it will.

I "know" better. But I still "feel" bad. And my mind can hardly think of anything better to run to than escapism -- friends, drinks, loud music, maybe getting hit on, maybe meeting The One, reckless abandon, risk taking, moving my body until I'm exhausted.

What would the economy without ravers, festival goers, and hard partiers? The weekends bring in most of the revenue earned by bars, restaurants, and clubs. It's raining now, but the sun will soon be out. Things will get better.

But until the police state lightens up -- until the Occupy Movement stops playing right into their hands -- nothing feels more compelling than partying anywhere, anytime, any place.

Coachella and the last slew of festivals before the December 21, 2012 end of the world Ke$ha and Britney Spears warns about is as good as any place to start.

Britney Spear's "Till the World Ends" by Kesha on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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