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The alien baby in my ex-girlfriend (video)

Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly - People I Know (People I Thought I Knew)
Taylor Swift nips The country's most beloved country music darling tow years running, a real celebrity jihadist, Taylor Swift and a jar full of cookies (

My ex-girlfriend used to be unusually beautiful and happy. Now she's extraordinarily beautiful and pregnant. She's changed. Something's gotten into her -- something alien. We never wanted children and took many precautions.

Fond of worrying, she claims she heard her biological clock ticking. Time was running out for her to fulfill her prime objective, her effeminate function, the sine qua non of having a uterus and a flood of estrogen: motherhood.


"How now? You never wanted to have kids or get married?"

"I thought I didn't (at least not with you), but maybe that's what I've been looking for? Maybe that will complete me."

"Sad," I thought, "very sad." I didn't believe it. But maybe that is the way to happiness. Look around. You can see how it's working, how happy everyone is.

"FARCE," the smartest British vegan atheist punk rock Rudimentary Peni CD of one-minute songs constantly playing at the offices of Wisdom Quarterly, says it all:

She is such a pretty girl
Her shape fits well into a mold
Her mind removed
Her body's sold
She does exactly what she's told

He is such a brave young man
If his brain can't then violence can
His mind was drained since life began
Of the compassion he once had

Why go on living in the past
We just uphold this sexual farce
Past is past is past is farce
Why go on living in the past

If air to breathe is hard to find
In her tight mold she doesn't mind
She fits in well
She's one of a kind
Her processed mind upholds the lies

He in turn plays out the part
We tempted him with from the start
And she in turn plays out the part
Dictated to her by the past.

But we all love her and feel (or at least imagine we feel) her love. So what can we do? Let everyone do just what they like, make their own successes and possibly some mistakes.

"Do what you want to do what you want to, be what you want to be what you want to" were my exact words in the end.

And this is what she said she would do. Well, she didn't say much. How many words would have been enough? Too many to bother to try utter.

Are you really justified
In having nothing to say...


Ignorance is only a form of self-deception
Are you really justified
In having nothing to say

Take a closer look
At what's going on today

Are you really satisfied
That everything's okay?

Perhaps after all
Too much thinking doesn't pay

So here we are at the end of a long line of past lives. One of us overcame lust. Maybe one day, maybe one day she will descend like Bahiya of the Bark Cloth's friend and former spiritual companion. And she could point in the direction of enlightenment. She is much wiser than I. So till then, with a great deal of metta and admiration, a wordless anjali mudra.

FARCE: 1. Sacrifice, 2. Cosmetic Plague, 3. Subdued Violence, 4. Only Human, 5. The Bile Ball, 6. Farce [at 4:40], 7. Blood Jellies, 8. Mice Race [at 7:44], 9. Defined by Age, 10. Zero Again, 11. Bubble [at 12:30].

BUBBLE: You have a bubble of hope. You live inside. You're surrounded by tokens and symbols of hope. It's your choice...

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