Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: "Fascism" is...

CC Liu and Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
OLA demonstrators at City Hall in 2011 (Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn via

Zoom in to the red, white, and blue placard: "Fascism: When people have to go to WALL STREET to protest their GOVERNMENT." 

What? It's true. This is how it is as we learned from the Nazis. Hitler's Germany, the most recent grand experiment in fascism was the union of STATE POWER and BUSINESS INTERESTS.

There is no "business" like the business of business, which at its root involves banking. 

Banking seems innocent to us. We naively assume it means nothing more than going down to the local branch and pulling out a $20. That is a nearly insignificant fraction of what "banking" means. Think high finance. Think war. Think political corruption at the highest levels.

Nazi Germany was followed by the UK (the second worst empire in history, just behind the world's current superpower and its unparalleled abuses) and other European and Asian examples.

Think home foreclosures, Economic Assassins, jackals, and Wall Street royalty who form the underbelly of our Military-Industrial Complex. And when you're done thinking, do something.

Cenk Uygur looks at Occupy Wells Fargo by 99% Power

Happy Birthday, Abu Mumia Jamal!

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