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Secret UFO Wars (audio)

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The War in Heaven is ancient and active tonight. You can see it with third generation night vision goggles. Just ask Ed Grimsley, or take a look for yourself. People would rather doubt and disbelieve than just look. Governments have known for a long time. This is the story of how host George Noory looked for himself and became a true believer.

The War in Heaven

Wisdom Quarterly
Pilot Ed Grimsley ( has something to show anyone who says, "I'll believe it when I see it." After all, seeing is believing. So why does anyone still doubt?

If we really wanted to check, and be unsettled by what we might find, we could get the goggles and look. We could read ancient Indian (Vedic), Sumerian (Mesopotamian), Egyptian, Dogon (African Dogstar), and Judeo-Christian texts.

We could meditate and develop our own psychic-intuitive-pineal gland based ability to know-and-see. The Buddha said, this Dharma invites all to "come and see." There is no sense in "believing." There is sense in looking, checking for oneself, and verifying. Then no one can take that knowledge away.

A "Skywatch" is available in this country because the government will not allow the civilian and military-grade technology out of the country. Living in the stomach of the empire has its privileges. What excuse do we have not to look? The truth is, "We'll see it when we believe it." It takes open-mindedness to look.

Night Vision
UFO researcher Ed Grimsley discusses incredible nightly UFO sightings and their battles using night vision goggles. "They're so unbelievable that I want the world to know they're there and I want the world to see the truth," says Grimsley.

Spacecraft fly in formation, sometimes chased by jets. They crisscross the skies, forming clusters, hanging like stars before racing away. The objects, he says, are "round, hard-edged, metallic looking things" that cruise across the sky in seconds. There are humanoids across the galaxy, Grimsley maintains.

Without the goggles, a technology given to us by ET groups who want humans to have the technology without whom we would not have it, we would not see them chasing and firing at one another. "There is a war going on." Our own US "Star Wars" strategic air defense technology fires at them because the military-industrial complex is in the service of some groups, not all of them good or protective.

Grimsley has seen UFOs during his night vision observations in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, near Reno, and elsewhere. They range from fast delta-shaped craft to oval-shaped objects both large and small.

He speaks and can verify fantastic UFO battles he has seen and filmed using the goggles. From his many observations, explaining that the small oval UFOs have an adversarial relationship with the other objects, but that the larger oval and delta-shaped craft seem to be friendly with each other. He has been approached by Black Ops who attempted to recruit him to be a shooter and an assassin.

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