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Gov't wants your guns, uses kids to get them

Editors, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; US Propaganda Central (AP)
"Enough is enough": US students walk out over gun violence: They bowed their heads in honor of the dead. They carried signs with messages like "Never again" and "Am I next?" They railed against the National Rifle Association and the politicians who support it. More + PHOTOS
Murderer by Proxy: weapons dealer in front of his wares practices wrong livelihood
US students [being used as pawns] stage walkouts to protest gun violence against students
They're Dick's who want you to like 'em, corporate outlets on the side of police state gov't
How to start a pseudo-revolution
What does it mean to "manufacture consent," to get people to DEMAND the change you actually want? How do you sway opinion? What is propaganda for, and why is there a mainstream corporate media? Scholar Noam Chomsky wrote all about it. Create a crisis, or exploit one that is already happening. Persuade and get consent for what law or change you want enacted. The mainstream media will over focus on it to the exclusion of more pressing but inconvenient news (like the next CIA chief's history of torture as the deputy chief of the CIA).

David Icke saw this happening so much that he wrote a song about it. (Someone put his words to music: "Problem, Reaction, Solution"). Bill Cooper also explained this manipulation. It's called the "Hegelian Dialectic." What is it?

(David Icke) WHAT are they doing to us and WHY?

Foment a problem with a preset solution, and get what you want every time. Our students are spurred on by their teachers, the DNC, school principals, police departments who hate for anybody else to have guns, and even parents to do what the FBI, DHS, and other US clandestine agencies have not been able to do.

What have they not been able to do? They have not yet been able to outlaw all the types of weapons they want. One day citizens will not be able to oppose a police state or any draconian measures the government wants to deploy. This strategy is part 1984 and part Brave New World.

Students, ware are we not demonstrating for peace or protesting the endless US wars we provoke to fuel our permanent-war economy?

Look, everybody, we're "rebels" like Che with uniform t-shirts and everyone's approval!
Who will complain about curtailed rights, freedoms, or pursuits when we all DEMANDED the government to take them away from us?

The disastrous Patriotic Act and NDAA (McCain, Lieberman, and Obama's Indefinite Detention or in Newspeak, the "National 'Defense' Authorization Act") following on the heels of 9-11 are great examples.

Bombing your own boat and blaming another country is a great (and legalistic) way of starting a war (e.g., the Spanish-American War, WW II, US War on Iraq, US War on Korea, US Ware on Afghanistan, US War on Yemen, US War on Somalia, and coming soon to a recruiting office near you, the US War on Iran and US War on North Korea) you want. If you were to attack first, that would be very illegal.

Noam Chomsky calls it "manufacturing consent." David Icke calls it a "Hegelian dialectic"
Decades later when it is revealed to have been a false flag operation, something done "in the fog of war," something known about but allowed to happen (like Pearl Harbor), who really will be paying attention? What remedy will there be? Because of fear, people demand more soldiers, police, surveillance, prisons, laws, convictions, incarcerations...then wonder why we don't have as many civil liberties or other freedoms our forebears took for granted.

We claim it's all for "freedom" -- free trade, freedom freedom of speech but not too free, freedom from rights, "free" things we have to pay a high price for.

"Please make more things a crime, more  laws, more jails, more police, more security..."  PHOTOS: From somber to angry, school walkout protest vary in tenor (AP)
Are these the high school radicals at work? Hades no! It's the young adults from the Leadership Club, future politicians, the nerds patting themselves on the back for doing something so courageous that no one's stopping them, so brave as acting in their own self interest.

Self interest? Not just ourselves, we're claiming it's to save the honor of those students already sacrificed in this set up by the people who plan these shooting then set up patsy, brainwashed fall-guys on SSRIs with parents mysteriously linked to a military, university, or other quasi-government agency. Ever hear of "MK-Ultra" Look it up, research it.
The Latest: Walkout hits close to home for Nevada students  PARKLAND, Florida - Nationwide student walkout to protest gun violence (all times local): 5:50 p.m. The walkouts protesting gun violence at schools across the country hit close to home for students who were attending a middle school in northern Nevada when tragedy hit their campus more than four years ago. More + PHOTOS

Let's have more FEAR so we can have more school "safety" rules, regulations, metal detectors, barbwire fencing, random spot checks, pat downs, more cops on campus, and so we can arm the teachers and the coaches. And can we also do more lock down drills? Please! It'll make us feel safe. Together, everyone, let's chant:

"What do we want?"

"Police state!"

"When do we want it?"

"NOW! Or very soon, before Trump gets us killed."

Hey, by the way, has anybody called NPR to make sure they're covering this for my Facebook timeline?

SUTRA: Wrong Livelihood
Wisdom Quarterly (trans.), Vanijja Sutra (AN 5.177)
Dalai Lama would never!
"Meditators, a lay follower should refrain from five types of business [trafficking, commerce, or trade]. What five types? 
  1. Business in weapons [guns, arms]
  2. business in human beings [slaves, pimping]
  3. business in meats [buying, selling, killing]
  4. business in intoxicants [alcohol, drugs]
  5. business in poisons [pesticides, toxins].
"These are the five types of business a lay follower should avoid [because it's bad karma with very painful results]."

But if I don't sell people these things, I might lose a lot of money! What is "RIGHT livelihood"?

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