Monday, March 26, 2018

Trump has good taste in sex partners (video)

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Karen McDougal; CNN
I paid for those breasts and those surgeries, you'll do what I want! - No more, Daddy.
It's OK, he's a billionaire and I'm his favorite!
He has good taste but terrible judgment and morals unbecoming a trustworthy businessman much less a politician. Drain the swamp or become the biggest fish in the filthy water? President Don Juan Trump (a.k.a. future inmate Donald John Trumf) has, allegedly, had sexual intercourse with at least three women he should not have had sex with:
  • daughter Ivanka Trump (and Tiffany, too?)
  • porn actress "Stormy Daniels" (Stephanie Clifford)
  • Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal
  • and accusers he harassed and tried to rape.
We're mostly but not 100% against incest.
Ivanka, it wasn't your fault. But now, to buy your silence, are you just doing it for the money? It's not like you've ever had a real job apart from Daddy's control. Oh, wait, there's that fashion line you run with no help whatsoever from the Trump name prestige, that's right. Poor little rich girl. Did he do this to your sister, but because she said "no more" she got shunned by him? Did he molest your brother Junior or his wife, and is that why they're divorcing? Because he became an out-of-control sex addict cheating on his pregnant wife just like Daddy does? Is that it?

Stormy describes her affair with Donny Trump

She called my sex "generic." What's that?
Stormy Daniels: That's a lot of ifs. I could also get shunned. I mean, I could automatically be alienating half of my [porn] fanbase right at this very moment.
Anderson Cooper: Jenna Jameson -- another well-known adult film actress -- said recently about you, "The Left looks at her as a whore [and homewrecker] and just uses her to try to discredit the president. The Right looks at her like a treacherous rat [and homewrecker]. It's a lose-lose [situation]. Should've kept her trap [and also her mouth] shut."
Stormy Daniels: I think that she [porn star Jenna] has a lotta wisdom in those words. More

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