Friday, March 30, 2018

Noah Levine denies SEX allegations (video)

Noah Levine (,; Devil's Advocate, Wisdom Quarterly

To all who care about the Refuge Recovery, Against the Stream, Dharma Punx, and affiliated dharma communities, the leader and owner of these organizations, Noah Levine, is using this platform to respond to sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him in a secret letter to the board.
  • [We sure do wish the accuser would step forward, anonymously if necessary, and tell his/her story. #MeToo, #TimesUp]
Or you either, Noah!
Many of you received a letter yesterday from Against the Stream. The letter and the action taken by the board are based on a false allegation [of "sexual misconduct"].

I have spent the last 30 years healing, recovering, and trying my best to help others do the same. I am certainly not a perfect or enlightened person, but I have found in the dharma a path that has led to an embodied honesty and transparency about any shortcomings I have. It is with that same transparency and honesty that I write this letter to make clear that what I am being accused of is absolutely untrue.

Here's what is happening:

Recently a letter was sent out to members of our community and to undisclosed recipients. The letter contains an allegation made through a third party regarding a woman I was dating [aren't you married with children, Noah?] who has apparently made a claim that some of our consensual contact was somehow non-consensual [You raped or took advantage of her, is that what she's alleging?]. This never happened. All of our interactions were mutual with clear and open communication. [Aren't you a drug addict, atheist, ex-con, and confirmed liar? And yet you want us to believe you without even hearing her "lies" side?] The breadth and clarity of our conversations makes this accusation all the more surprising to me and those who know me. [Mm-hm, always the last to know.]

You are not alone. Me, too. We have been harmed. And Buddha help the one who lies about such harm with false allegations against people who did not assault or harass us because that makes you, sister, part of the patriarchal problem.
I have made myself available to all involved parties to discuss the matter -- not just to deny the allegation, but to make sure that every concern, every question, and every fact is addressed openly and truthfully. [Noah, do you like that song by the Circle Jerks, "Deny Everything"?]

LA punks Circle Jerks, "Deny Everything," from the album Group Sex

Further, all of the governing bodies of the organizations I am involved with are aware of and responding to the letter. This includes the boards of Against the Stream and Refuge Recovery as well the executive team at Refuge Recovery Treatment Centers. The ethics council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center is also aware of this and will be doing their own inquiry into this accusation. [That's good news! Obviously, your teams are biased in your favor, and Jack Kornfield and his team are above reproach, even if he's your mentor, friend, and teacher.] I have also informed my teachers Jack Kornfield and Ajahn Amaro and will continue to be in direct contact with them.
We believe Levine (and/or his PR firm).
I am doing my best to meet all of this with forgiveness and compassion [That's the best way, particularly if the allegations are untrue, so keep toughing it out], bringing mindfulness to all of the unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are arising and passing through my heart, mind, and body. [What's meditation for?]

With kindness, compassion, appreciation, and as much equanimity as I can embody in this present moment,

Noah Levine

[Are you being sued? Is she one of your clients? Is she one of your employees? Did you get fired from the Huffington Post? We believe you. And we can't wait to hear her version of the situation or see this secret letter.]

"Noah Levine: A Buddhist Perspective on Sex"
Wanderlust, March 10, 2016

In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy Noah Levine, a meditative leader and author, explores the Buddhist perspective on practicing wise sexuality. (More at
In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy at Aspen Snowmass, author Noah Levine explores [his take on] the Buddhist perspective on how to understand and practice wise sexuality.

Sex, among other feelings of pain and pleasure, is related to all activities of the body. In this lecture Levine explores how mindfulness can help balance our needs for constant stimulation. As humans, we are driven to seek positive sensation and shy away from negativity.

We are born into sexual bodies and sex, intimacy, and loving relationships are central to the human experience. If handled with reverence and care, our sexuality can be a great source of joy. If we don’t pay close attention and practice some level of restraint and renunciation, it can become the core source of our suffering.

“Sex is something we are always working with. If we are engaging with it or not, it’s just part of being human.”
– Noah Levine
Noah Levine is the founder of the “Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society” with centers in Los Angeles and San Francisco and over 20 affiliated groups in North America and Europe. He teaches meditation groups, sells workshops, and leads pricey retreats internationally.
Levine has created a process of addiction recovery based on the teachings of the Buddha he calls "Refuge Recovery" [which is a terrible name based on the common mistranslation and misunderstanding of the word sarana, which means "going for guidance" not "going for 'refuge,'" but he was probably much more interested in alliteration than accuracy].

Levine is the author of Dharma Punx, Against the Stream, Heart of the Revolution, and Refuge Recovery.
“We don’t know how to enjoy that pleasant moment and then let it go.”
– Noah Levine

For more information about Levine and his work, check out his website: Produced by Wanderlust Festival ( Filmed by: Circus Picnic ( Filmed at Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass 2015.


Anonymous said...

Noah is not married.

Anonymous said...

I hope don’t claim to be a Buddhist as you are publishing misinformation. You don’t care about the harm you are doing? Noah is not married. Do your research.

Unknown said...

Noah is Not married.

Anonymous said...

I find no wisdom here. Just some disordered opinions and judgements. Nothing being added to help heal the wounds of the accuser (if true), and nothing to shed light on the situation or add wisdom to the discourse.

todd said...

Who *is* the author of the red text?

Is smug insinuation your default go to? Or do you "know" something?

Apparently you're wrong about his marital status.

I'm just someone trying to get information about a sad accusation I just heard about... (it's sad wether true or false) trying out different sources... last time I'll visit here.

Anonymous said...

As a woman, I am deeply offended by both Time's Up and Me Too. I'm tired of women pointing fingers and people being tried in the court of public opinion without due process. Without a trial. Without the opportunity to respond to (usually baseless) accusations. Whether Levine committed some sort of misdeed or not, he deserves an investigation and a trial before he is condemned.