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"Aryans," Atlantis, and Inner Earth (video)

Robert Sepehr (Atlantean Gardens); Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Tibetan map of Shambhala world (KC)
[Aryan, "noble," in Buddhism refers to those on the stages of enlightenment; the meaning in English is corrupted. Hinduism records Inner Earth heavens.]

Some of the oldest cultures speak of civilizations inside of vast cavern cities in the bowels of the earth.

According to certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions, secret tunnels connect Tibet (Potala Palace, Lhasa) to a subterranean paradise, a Shangri-la (like the Turkish/Mongolian legend of Ergenekon). Hollow Earth is the legendary underworld called Agartha.

I have been to Inner Earth: Col. Billie Woodard
In Agartha I (Col. Billie Faye Woodard) was given a mission (Pt. 2).

Woodard, a hermaphrodite in Feb. 2012, claims to be from Hollow Earth. S/he took a 6-month trip to Hollow Earth as a child, met people and creatures there, saw technology, and returned to the surface. S/he graduated high school at 12 and searched for a job that ultimately led her to earn a commission in the US Air Force and was assigned to the Pentagon then Area 51.
In India, this underground oasis is best known by its Sanskrit name, Shambhala, thought to mean "place of tranquility." Mythologies throughout the world, from South America to the poles, describe entrances to these fabled inner lands.
  • [In the Americas this cavern-world is called Aztlan, and the Ancient Mesoamericans described their civilization as having arrived on rafts from a central island in the ocean, likely remnant fragments of the once great Atlantis-continent.]
Gods...Inner Earth (Sepehr)
Many occult organizations, esoteric authors, and secret societies concur with these myths and legends of modern subterranean inhabitants.

They are the remnants of antediluvian (pre-flood) civilizations, which sought refuge in hollow caverns inside the earth.
Numerous endeavors have been undertaken to access the interior of the earth. Polar expeditions and battles, such as the U.S. Operation Highjump, Antarctica, which remains largely classified.

Other endeavors have remained shrouded in secrecy for decades, but scientific revelations validate the rumors about these covert operations, and their implications are finally being exposed to the light of day.
Robert Sepehr is an author (Gods with Amnesia: Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth), producer, and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology (archeogenetics).

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