Friday, March 16, 2018

Vietnam War helped me start Sixties (video)

CC Liu, Sheldon S., Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; DS; Punkcast; Howard Bloom; BiS
(Diane Sharp) Dwyer NBC BayArea 2014: 50th anniversary Free Speech Movement UC Berkeley

How I Accidentally Started the Sixties
Before Timothy Leary dropped LSD, before free love, before the word "hippie" became the preferred name...there was Howard Bloom.

Bloom and his band of explorers were pushing boundaries and blowing minds.

He embarked on a great journey that took him from his home in Buffalo (NY), to Washington, to California, to Israel, to New York City.

I see colors...and the true nature of reality
Along the way he was learning much and gaining experience -- crushing the morals and mores of the previous generation -- and most importantly, he was gaining Buddhist insight.

Bloom horrified his parents, shocked his teachers, seeking the form of Buddhist spiritual enlightenment called satori ["sudden epiphany" in Zen, which calls kensho "awakening"], and finding sex instead. How I Accidentally Started the Sixties is the untold story of the birth of a decade. More

Berkeley in the Sixties
  • "This is a monumental, epic, glorious literary achievement. Every page, every paragraph, every sentence sparkles with captivating metaphors, delightful verbal concoctions, alchemical insights, philosophic whimsy, absurd illogicals, scientific comedy routines, relentless, non-stop waves of hilarity. The comparisons to James Joyce are inevitable and undeniable. Finnegans Wake wanders through the rock 'n roll sixties. Wow! Whew! Wild! Wonderful!" More

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