Friday, March 16, 2018

Monsters are real, and U.S. gov't knows (video)

Christian policeman and military vet tells of killing a pod of Bigfoot creatures
Host Brenton Sawin
"Michael," not his real name, gives a first hand account of Sasquatches he was ordered to kill while on active duty for the U.S. government running a security detail for police removing booby trapped marijuana crops.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control), MIB (men in black), DEA, MP (military police), local state troopers, game wardens, and other governmental agencies know all about it and have known for some time.

They're like a cross between a bear and Hulk
Native Americans know Sasquatches are real and warned the invaders, only for it to be kept secret by the white Man...until white men who moved into the area had their own run ins with these wild creatures ("demons").

These creatures have features in common but are of distinct types. Some are peaceful nature protectors, others are utter monstrosities: giants, cannibals (half human, half hair-covered beasts), brutes.

He saw enormous breeding monsters, babies
While in the military Michael was helping state troopers in Kentucky (though he does not mention the state) when he ran across a troop of Bigfoot (called Yakkhas/ogres in Buddhism).

Hear the testimony, which includes confirmation of the "giant" (red haired, six fingered rakshasa reported by Steve Quayle) taken down in Afghanistan by a special American tactical team. COMMENTS
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