Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Plant Medicine: Ayahuasca (video)

Spirit Science, 6/1/18; Ashley Wells, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Santa Claus as a Siberian shaman in North Asia (shamanicevolution.org)

Ayahuasca: Journey into Infinity
Let's journey deep into the Amazon Rainforest to uncover the powerful effects of the entheogen Ayahuasca on body, mind, and spirit (Patchman Plant Medicine).

Discover why new findings in science and spirituality point to this sacred medicine [DMT] as a tool to treat mental illnesses, offering therapeutic benefits and sparking life-changing recoveries (spiritsciencecentral.com/ayah...).

Siberian-shroom shaman Santa Claus
Last week we shared an original exclusive video by Gaia about the pineal gland. It was so well received that we are back to share more and take things further.

This week we share a video all about Ayahuasca, a sacred Amazonian plant medicine that is becoming more known for its ability to cure addictions,help heal diseases, and provide a renewed state of health and wellness to mind, body, and spirit.

Note that it is important to know that if taken it must always be taken under the guidance of a trained shaman in a spiritual ceremonial context. This is not a recreational drug. In this way on can guarantee a deep healing experience with the medicine.

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