Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein case looking grim (video)

Dailymail.co.uk, Nov. 5, 2019; 60 Minutes Australia; New York Post; FOX News (video); Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
ABC News Anchor Amy Robach caught telling the truth live on hot mic (NY Post)

"Prince Andrew should go to jail": Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts slams royal Prince Andrew [House of Windsor] for trying to deny he had sex with her when she was just a child of 17 as she returns to NYC mansion where his pedophile pal held her captive: video

Virginia Roberts, now 35, spoke with 60 Minutes Australia about her years being sex trafficked as Jeffrey Epstein's sex slave.

Who's the orange child molester at 4 o'clock?
Virginia Roberts is lashing out at Prince Andrew in a new interview that is set to air this weekend on 60 Minutes Australia. She is also returning to the New York City mansion where Jeffrey Epstein first took her almost 20 years ago, when she was still underage and held captive by the pedophile.

"Being a kid, I didn't realize what world I was being brought into," says Roberts. "This mansion represents jail to me."

Now, she wants to see the men who she says sexually abused and assaulted her to go to prison, too -- allegedly including Prince Andrew.
  • Most child victims to scared to speak up.
    Virginia Roberts spoke with 60 Minutes Australia about her years being raped/trafficked as Jeffrey Epstein's underage sex slave.
  • In the interview, she returns to the NYC mansion where he held her captive for the first time in almost 20 years.
  • She also hits back at Prince Andrew for denying that he was the man in the picture that Virginia first gave to the FBI a decade go showing her and the royal.
  • "Prince Andrew should go to jail. I mean, is he ever going to?" says Roberts, who claims she had sex with the royal multiple times starting when she was 17.
  • Prince Andrew has always denied any involvement, and the allegations were struck from the record in a 2015 case as being "immaterial and impertinent."
Hot mic catches how ABC "quashed" Epstein child molestation ring story three years ago
Molested victim, 15, at Mar a Lago
Reporter had the witness and Epstein child molestation ring information three years ago. But the higher ups at ABC network buried the story to protect Epstein and his powerful unindicted co-conspirators and fellow child sex traffickers.

The government is still burying the story and protecting those involved, including U.S. Pres. Trump, the Clintons (alleged child molesters Hillary and Bill Clinton), and someone murdered Jeffrey Epstein in jail -- according to the forensic evidence of broken bones in his neck indicating strangulation. Hillary Clinton was asked about it, as it would not be the first person she had killed. Moreover, it has been posited that had she been elected president, none of this would have ever come out. But as it happened, one of the perpetrators was put in office instead.

Trump and Clinton, alleged child rapists
Epstein did not get rich in high finance or trading. He got rich working for a multi-billionaire who provided child sex slaves and recording rich and powerful men (and alleged lesbian Sec'y of State Hillary Clinton) having sex with children then blackmailing them. Epstein had only one known client fronting as a fund trader. He had countless known "clients" being supplied with girls on his Lolita Express airplane and Pedophile Island parties, among them Presidents Trump and Clinton.

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