Saturday, November 30, 2019

Space aliens built Buddhist temples? (video)

Disclose Truth TV (DTTV Docs, 3/19); Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

Ellora Caves: The Mind-Boggling Rock-Cut Buddhist Temples of India
Rock-cut Buddha statues in Ajanta cave
There were no caves here to begin with. How are we to comprehend the 100+ artificial Ellora caves and Ajanta caves? How were they built? By space-devas?

Somehow the massive Ellora complex of publicly visible 34 unique structures has been magically cut out of pure rock, into the side of a mountain, without the use of "modern" technology. This construction would be difficult if not impossible to replicate today.

This never-before-seen documentary closely looks at the intricate Buddhist temple and suggests — as have many archaeologists on the ground — that thousands of years ago, ancient cultures were far more advanced and sophisticated than scholars are generally willing to give them credit for. Who handed them that level of technology?

We call them "caves" but they are much more
What baffles experts at Ellora is the incredible precision, not possible by hand, and extensive layout of the design imposed on the rock. It is plausible that whoever or whatever built these caves was using unknown advanced ancient-alien technology.

Cave 16, the magnificent Kailasa Temple, is notable for being the largest monolithic structure in the world! It was carved out of a single rock.

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