Friday, November 8, 2019

Jerry Seinfeld meditates (video)

Jerry Seinfeld (David Lynch Foundation, 12/30/13); Amber Larson, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly

Seinfeld has been searching.
Jerry Seinfeld talks transcendental meditation at the David Lynch Foundation's 5th Annual Change Begins Within Gala at the Conrad Hotel in New York City. Seinfeld took the stage to open the event by saying:

"When I was doing the TV series in which I was the, uh, star of the show, the executive producer, the head writer, casting and editing, for 22 to 24 episodes on network television -- not cable! Network, for 9 years, okay? That's a lot of work. And I'm a regular guy, pretty much. You know, I'm not one of these crazy people that has endless, boundless energy.

That mensch didn't tell me.
"I'm just a normal guy, but that was not a normal situation to be in. And so what I would do is, every day when everybody would have lunch, I would do TM [transcendental meditation].

"And then while, we'd go back to work, and then I would eat while I was working because I had missed lunch. But that is how I survived the 9 years. It was that 20 minutes in the middle of the day [that] would save me."

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