Thursday, November 7, 2019

Bean leaves Kevin & Bean Show, KROQ

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The original Beavis & Butthead, Kevin & Bean of the Kevin & Bean Show (
DJs and guests wish Bean farewell as he leaves the Kevin & Bean Show
Bean's last day on the Kevin & Bean Show, well wishes pour in on social media
Earlier this year, after 30 years on the KROQ 106.7 FM airwaves, Gene "Bean" Baxter made the announcement that he would be leaving the Kevin & Bean Show to move to his native England and pursue new opportunities. Ahead of Bean's last day on the show, well wishes poured in on social media from KROQ DJs, friends of the show, and listeners.

New morning show co-hosts Scottish Allie Mac Kay and Jewish Jensen Karp took to their Instagrams to talk about their experiences working with Bean over the years and wish him good luck on his upcoming move. Dick Cheese put it best:
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richardcheese's profile pictureKROQ's @bean9 is leaving the @kevinandbean morning show this Thursday, after 30 years of broadcasting! Here are a few photos from those lazy crazy hazy days at @KROQ in the early 1990's, when I was a skinny morning show producer, portraying Shakespeare Man...and getting flipped off by Bean daily.🖕 Bean, good luck in England, enjoy your semi-retirement, and thank you for 30+ years of friendship! This Friday, Kevin & Bean will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.  Congrats and Cheers from Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine! More

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Is Kevin seriously going to try to carry on without his partner? The corporation that owns the show got rid of funnyman Ralph Garman, longtime traffic gal Lisa May, and deranged Psycho Mike Catherwood, but they did insert Kay and Karp, who presumably will take over when Kevin falls into a deep depression and a creativity block.

The show has sucked for sometime now, so maybe no one will notice. But the ratings must still be good enough to try to milk it for something. So long Asperger's Bean. Have fun hitting your head and visiting the post offices of England. Now what, Kevin? Today, both are inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, so we guess it's a good time to call it quits, too, eh Kev? Bring back Catherwood. Let Adam Corolla do it. Allie Mac Kay is terrible, and Jensen has never been funny, not even accidentally. 

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