Saturday, November 30, 2019

What do heavy rockers want to say? (video)

Dead Kennedys; Dave Mustaine, Alex Jones (Ken Ammi/; Wisdom Quarterly
(DKs) Everyone should know what the Dead Kennedys sing. They know and they joke about it.

Dead Kennedys Bedtime for Democracy tee
Alex Jones talks with Megadeth front man (and former Metallica member) Dave Mustaine about conspiracies, Christianity, hypo[critical]christians, and what's really going on. Why did the CIA/LBJ assassinate U.S. Pres. JFK? He wanted to pull our currency out of the private Federal Reserve banking system, the "Moneychangers," and put the right to print money back in our government's hands. The powers that be weren't going to stand for that. They were already mad at him for threatening to end their very profitable War on Vietnam. Mustaine wanted to record with the Dead Kennedys when singer/genius Jello Biafra shot him down for recording with war profiteers/music publishers. Mustaine had no idea the warmongers were now in the music business. So much for any real "rebels" or "rebellion" coming out of commercial rock. Expect more pop candy and hedonism.

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