Friday, November 29, 2019

"Sweet Veggie" vegetarian buffet (SGV)

Veggie editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Mr. and Mrs. Minion (

Going vegan/vegetarian just got easy. The San Gabriel Valley has a great new buffet restaurant hidden on Valley Bl. in the sketchy town of El Monte next to the river, near the big bus station: Sweet Veggie with multiple locations.

Newest location opens in El Monte, SGV
This place is incredible with tons of vegan sushi, salad, and Chinese food favorites -- popcorn chik'n with basil, stir fry, build-your-own tacos, mushrooms, savory soups, all kinds of tofu dishes, self-serve ice cream (six flavors), desserts, drinks, pizza, French fries noodles...and so much more.

Call first because the place is packed.
It's all you can eat and drink at only about $10. It's incredible, authentic, non-profit, and delicious. The delicious part is the amazing thing for authentic vegetarian Chinese Buddhist temple food and mock meats, seafood, and dumplings. Some of the food

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