Saturday, May 5, 2018

Free 2-day meditation retreat, L.A. (May 5-6)

Burmese Buddhist Meditation Master Sayadaw U Aggañña is in the US for several programs. We have just returned from our free 10-day retreat in Big Bear.

This Cinco de Mayo 2-day, non-residential retreat will be held in Los Angeles at the Lankarama Buddhist Institute. FREE. All are welcome to participate.
Our gratitude to Ven. Sumanatissa Maha Thero, the Chief Sangha Nayaka of North America, monastics, and temple lay committee for their support.
REGISTER ( for a proper headcount for (free) lunch. Free street parking.*
  • *Please keep driveway clear for alms round food offering on May 5th. If you wish to participate in the alms offering, please arrive at the temple before 10:30 am.
"May all beings be happy, peaceful, and liberated! May the Buddha’s Dispensation be prolonged!" (Nibbanassa paccayo hotu! Buddhasāsanaṃ ciraṃ tiṭṭhatu! Ciram titthatu saddhammo. 願佛陀教法久住世間!願正法久住!)
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