Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cracked: "Code of Ajahn Chah" (book)

Ajahn; Aksapada (; Ellie Askew, Dhr. Seven (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

Ancient Afghan tope or stupa
(Ajahn Chah) Sometimes I’d go to see old Buddhist sites with their ancient temples. In some places they'd be cracked. Maybe one of my friends would remark, "Such a shame, isn’t it? It’s cracked." I’d answer, "If it weren’t cracked there’d be no such thing as the Buddha [the One Who Woke Up to the Liberating Truth]. There’d be no Dharma [Liberating Truth]. It’s cracked like this because it’s perfectly in line with the Buddha’s Teaching."

Code of Ajahn Chah
Simplified Ways for Inner Peace (Ajahn Chah)
Ajahn Chah was a famous Thai Buddhist meditation master and influential teacher of the Buddha's Dharma.

He was the founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition, Wat Pah Pong and Wat Pah Nanachat or "International Forest Monastery" for Westerners.

Ajahn Chah is widely respected and beloved as a person of great wisdom. He was very instrumental in helping establish Theravada Buddhism in the West.

The Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah spread throughout Europe, the British Commonwealth, and the United States in the beginning of 1979 with the founding of Cittaviveka, Chithurst Buddhist Monastery (, England.

Student Ajahn Brahm continues
The inspirational Dharma talks he delivered have been recorded, translated, and transcribed into various languages.

His practical disciplines have been widely circulated -- revealing his thoughts and ideas on the highest truths about life.

Ajahn Chah’s words with regard to the truth of life are still remembered and studied and put into practice as valuable life lessons. More

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