Saturday, June 20, 2020

Solstice: SUMMER begins! (video)

I'm not a ditz, I'm psychic
I, like, predict like things will, like, change in the future? That's my prediction. I also see new things coming. And in the next two years, things will not be the same. Angels (devas) told me.

Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse June 20th/21st: 3 Things!
Devi says: June 20th/21st will see a major galactic event and zero point reset with the solstice, new moon, and solar eclipse! Are you ready for it? Buy my tee-shirt.

For sale to good home body.
There's a profound energetic opening that's both bringing incredible light to the surface and revealing deep shadows. Light is like that. Learn what this solstice eclipse energy means and how to tune into the new possibilities emerging in this intuitive energy forecast. ✨💜😇 Then for more support managing the energy, check out my eclipse angel activation series at And I'm not a ditz.

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