Sunday, June 28, 2020

Math sucks. Math-racism sucks even more

The Frustrated Indian; Maths with Lisa; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

The Story of Calculus: How Europeans claimed credit for a subject that India invented
Math is a religion! (Calvin & Hobbes)
If humans discovered calculus, they were from India and many were Muslim. [More likely, these sophisticated forms of calculation were handed down from the akasha deva loka, extraterrestrial worlds with technologically advanced beings from space.]

Sadly, due to his heavy and hard to decipher accent, the Frustrated Indian is unlikely to convince many Occidentals, Europeans, or Caucasians and zero racists. But there is much evidence that what he is saying is exactly true. And he offers references at the end of the video.
Is Lisa a racist or just teaching what she learned in British history class?

The [Eurocentric] History of Calculus: A Short Documentary, Newton and Leibniz
The House of Wisdom
What is the discover and history of calculus (the language of change and motion) and the great European mathematicians behind its unique discovery [except for its previous discovery in India and appropriated by colonial British and European invaders].

Who discovered it, how and why? What is it used for? What is the infinitesimal, the derivative, the limit? What are the inverse operations of integration and differentiation?

Get the European version of its discovery. The maths (the British way of saying mathematics) behind integral and differential calculus do not jump from Ancient Greek calculations to European to British/English maths of the 17th century. Was it Eudoxus, Archimedes, Cavalieri, Newton, and Leibniz or great mathematicians who used to get credit but were erased and replaced by a make believe racist history that abrogates to itself all useful discoveries as Eurocentric white supremacy?

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