Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Can the police be defunded? (comedy)

Professor D; Trevor Noah, The Daily Show (Comedy Central, 2016); Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

Humans treated like chattel: personal property
De-funding the police is interesting and may work in many places, but would it work in the megalopolis of Los Angeles, a 50 square mile area of just about the biggest population in the world?

It's going to take a lot more than some much needed defunding to fix a corrupt and racist system of "slave patrolling" in the north.

Slave patrols were official racist police agents.
Slave patrol are what modern police forces originated from. In the north they have had a long and storied career "union busting." The only slaves to patrol in the north are "wage slaves."

L.A. has the biggest prison-industrial-complex in the entire world. ("Mass Incarceration, Accountability, and The Wire" with Prof. James Forman Jr.,

Prison-industrial complex's incarceration rates
In short, it'll take us more than simply defunding, for there are too many vested interests we need to stop from benefitting from the system as it is.

There's also the fact that police are currently being asked to do everything, which essentially gives them a lot more power than they should have ever had.

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