Friday, June 19, 2020

"Enslavement to Emancipation" (video)

(OCTDC) Enslavement to Emancipation is a TV-16 special presentation -- an unprecedented TV event tracing freedom's first steps in our nation's racist capital.

White slave patrol oppressing non-whites
This informative and compelling TV documentary chronicles the history of the Compensated Emancipation Act of April 16, 1862, freeing the enslaved black and indigenous people of Washington, DC.

Indians enslaved in America
Historians and experts describe the creation and history of the city's annual Emancipation Day celebration and the USA's continuing struggle for actual democracy in DC. It also highlights the single largest attempted slave escape in U.S. history -- the daring and dramatic bid for freedom aboard a schooner called the Pearl.

It recounts the heroic war-time contributions of what was then called the U.S. First Colored Troops, African American slaves-soldiers fighting for the Union during the Civil War.
  • White U.S. Pres. George Washington (after eight black presidents) was a Founding Patriarch and slaveowner who became uneasy with the U.S. institution of chattel (personal property) slavery
  • Were blacks brought from Africa in a great trans-Atlantic forced migration, or were most already here? Forbidden history: slavery of indigenous Afro-Caribbeans and Indians.

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