Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Why is this lady naked?

The Clothed Lie and the Naked Truth
Show it like it is (ahseeit.com).
The Lie told Truth, "Let's take a bath together. The water in this well is lovely."

The Truth, being suspicious, tried the water and discovered it was. So they undressed and bathed together.

Suddenly the Lie got out of the water and ran away wearing the Truth's clothes.

Furious Truth got out of the well to get her clothes back. But the world, seeing the naked Truth, looked away with scorn and contempt.

Truthy talk around the well (1896).
Truth returned to the well and disappeared, hiding herself.

Since then, the Lie has been traveling around the world, dressed as Truth, satisfying the needs of society.

For the world has no desire to see the naked Truth.

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