Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Other F Word: Father (punk rock doc)

A. B. Nevins; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Sheldon S. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly Wiki edit

One kind of F leads to the other F word.
The Other F Word is an American documentary film that explores the world of punk rock musicians who become FATHERS.

They transition from freewheeling rockers to parents while trying to maintain the contrast between their anti-authoritarian lifestyle and the responsibilities of fatherhood, the title's other "F word."

Interviewing over 20 musicians from across the spectrum of the punk rock genre, including
F: the worst job you'll ever love.
The documentary also includes other emblematic subculture figures such as professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, in a chronicle of the struggles and rewards that accompany raising their children.

It was directed by independent filmmaker Andrea Blaugrund Nevins and released in the U.S. by Oscilloscope Laboratories in 2011. More

"F*ck Authority"

LYRICS: Someday you gotta find another way/ You better right your mind and live by what you say/Today is just another day/ Unless you set your sights and try to find a way//CHORUS: I say F authority/ Silent majority/ Raised by the system/ Now it's time to rise against them/ We're sick of your treason/ Sick of your lies/ F no, we won't listen/ We're gonna open your eyes// Frustration, domination/ Feel the rage of a new generation/ We're living, we're dying/ And we're never ever gonna stop, stop trying/ Stop trying, stop trying, stop trying/ You know the time is right to take control/ We got to take offense against the status quo/ No way, not gonna stand for it today/ Fight for your rights, it's time we had our say!// CHORUS// ...Feel the rage of a new generation/ We're living, we're dying/ We're sick and tired of relentless lying/ Destroy, enjoy, your F'n world is our new toy/ Dominate, eliminate/ You're gonna feel the wrath, wrath of hate// CHORUS

"Abolish Government/Silent Majority"
This pair of T.S.O.L. songs included in GTA V.
Abolish government/ It's nothing to me/ Forget about God/ He's not here to see/ We live by a system/ A perfect mold/ People perfect people/ Who are poor and old/ Lives were spent on the ladder of success/ Working for nothing in this/ In this worthless mess/ President's a name/ President's a label/ Highest man on the government table// CHORUS: America/ Land of the free/ Free to the power of the people in uniform!

People are so blind you just can't see/ Send your son to bootcamp/ Send him off to war/ If he comes back he'll be dead and nothing more/ Struggle for a land, for a country, for a freedom/ All those mindless people looking for someone to lead them/ Wake up to the same old shit/ Live your life to suit their fit/ Some people they don't like your hair/ Policemen they just don't care/ Snipers that want to be/ Rifle sights are aimed at me/ Wake up silent majority!/ The government they don't want to hear/ You folks can't feel that fear/ You can walk the streets today/ You can walk in your own way/ People think that I'm crazy/ These people just can't see/ Wake up silent majority!/ Live your life/ Day by day/ Doing everything/ That they say/ Silent majority/ Promote freedom/ Let it be heard/ Don't forget that it's only a word/ Silent majority/ When you gonna wake up?

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