Thursday, June 25, 2020

Racism was in the past. Get over it. (video)

Ed Bradley, Radutzky, Simon, 60 Minutes; NBC; Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly

I'm not racist. This [N-word] is on the force, too.
All racism was in the past. Everything was in the past. A lot of it is in the present, too. And we're willing to bet it will be with us in the future. That's why we talk about it so much. How can anyone "get over it" when after all the attention drawn to Mr. George Floyd, another would-be killer cop was caught on camera attempting to commit murder by use of the carotid artery choke hold? Will he be charged with attempted murder, reckless disregard, a violation of use-of-force policy?

Modern police were born from old slave patrols.
Not likely, but he may be sent out for additional training on how to apply violence to anyone he doesn't like, which may include blacks. At least one of the other officers on the black man at the time told him to lay off so that the victim of the police brutality was not killed on the street like so many others have been.

Officer Derek Chauvin: I'm going to squeeze.
Here the ever-bland 60 Minutes looks at the case of shocking racism in policing, the use of prison and parole as the modern means of legally enslaving blacks, mass incarceration, and complete racial bias in policing and the courts.

(NBC News) Today, it's not just racist implicitly biased white men. It's women, too, the "Karens."
A white informant is hired by police with federal money to round up as many black citizens of Tulia, Texas, as he can under the mantle of "the war on drugs."

Violence is not a crime if police do it [to blacks].
There were no drugs being sold, and no evidence that any law had been broken -- other than the word of one white man (Tom Coleman). The court saw fit to mete out hundreds of years of prison time with just that racist white man's word. Is he just "one bad apple," or are the police, courts, and judges many rotten apples in a rotten system?

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