Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Blood donations, the new cannibalism? (doc)

Real Stories, Blood Business, 6/4/20; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

New Cannibalism? The Real Story Behind Blood Donations (Big Business Documentary)
Blood Business sheds light on the murky trade of the blood plasma industry.

From the impoverished streets of Cleveland, Ohio to the golden shores of Switzerland's Lake Zurich, this short documentary explores the intricacies around the business of blood donation.

Plasma, a component of blood that is highly sought-after by the drug industry, now costs more per liter than gasoline. Used by pharmaceutical companies to create expensive drugs, this precious liquid has become a lucrative commodity.

This film investigates one of the largest corporations in this flourishing market, with profits soaring over €1 billion (US $1.13 billion). Their "donation" centers are mostly found in poor neighborhoods in the USA. They pay donors for their blood – a practice forbidden in Europe.

It was all for the money. Ask Abramovic.
For impoverished Americans, blood "donations" have become a source of income, presenting a real risk to their health, as they lie about their medical conditions and donate repeatedly to make ends meet.

Other donors give blood in the misguided hope of helping others, but the reality of where their blood actually goes is different than what they have been led to believe.

Let's investigate this money-making, global trade in blood and plasma donations. From Blood Business.
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