Thursday, June 25, 2020

Monks rise up: Saffron Revolution (video)

Anders Ostergaard, Joshua (Burma VJ, Oscilloscope/HBO); Andy Nguyen, Wisdom Quarterly

Whatever happened to Aung Saw Suu Kyi?
Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country is a 2008 Danish documentary directed by Anders Ƙstergaard. It follows the Saffron Revolution against Gen. Than Shwe's military dictatorship in Burma, which the junta of generals renamed "Myanmar." The "VJ" in the title stands for "video journalist." Some of it was filmed on hand-held cameras. The footage was then smuggled out of the country, physically or over the Internet. Other parts of it were reconstructed, which caused controversy. More

Hypocritical monks call for ethnic cleansing of Muslim Rohingyas?

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