Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Zen Riddles for Millennials (video)

College Humor, 5/12/15; Alan Watts; Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Zen has koans (lit. "public case") or paradoxical "riddles" to derail the ordinary assumptions of our thinking process and thereby free the mind of obsessive loops in discursive thinking. For example, "In order to move out of your parents' basement, you must first move into your parents' basement."

Western British-Californian Spiritual Entertainer Alan Watts on Zen koans
CAST: Guru: Cary Mizobe. Millennial: Zac Oyama. CREW: Director: Matthew Pollock. Producer: Michele Santoro. Writer: Brian Murphy. Cinematography: Idan Menin. Editor: Nicky Young. President of Original Content: Sam Reich. Vice President of Production/Executive Producer: Spencer Griffin. Director of Production: Sam Sparks. Director of Post Production: Michael Schaubach. Production Manager: Sam Kirkpatrick. Art Director: Rachel Aguirre. 1st Assistant Director: Jordan Little. Production Coordinator: Shane Crown. 1st Assistant Camera: Giselle Gonzalez. 2nd Assistant Camera/DIT: Brian White. Gaffer: Jacob Abrams. Key Grip: Matt Toledo. Best Boy Electric: Kevin Campbell. Driver/Swing Grip: Massimo Bordonaro. Production Sound: David Beede of Iceman. AUDIO: Assistant Editor: Amy Vanderlip. Assistant Editor: Jeffrey Vega. Post Production Supervisor: Evan Watkins. Post Production Manager: Stephanie Zorn. Head Assistant Editor: Phil Fox. Production Legal: Karen Segall. Production Accountant: Christine Rodriguez. Assistant Production Accountant: Shay Parsons. Second Assistant Production Accountant: Rebecca Call. Production Assistant: Scott Tammel. Production Assistant: John Horan. Intern: Isaac Park. Intern: Andrea Chrunyk.

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