Saturday, June 20, 2020

Trump spreads corona: Tulsa, OK (video)

I'm not a rich fat cat. This is goiter (
(PBS) Donny Trump is promoting his implicitly biased "MAGA" slogan yet again. Midwest does not lap it up this time. The arena was half empty with many empty seats in the rafters. Bloomberg's broadcast was full of audio problems. Fox News was sleek but got many fewer views. There was a stage set up to address the overflow crowds, and as there were none, that stage was quietly dismantled. Trump is slipping severely and worried senile Joey Biden might easily beat him. Then the mainstream media reports that six members of Trump's advance team have tested positive for coronavirus. Who analyzes those tests? This Nuremberg-style rally may be counted a complete failure.

Bloomberg trumps up coronavirus (COVID-19) scare across the country.

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