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The Bible's non-Christian, non-Jewish origins

Paul Wallis (The 5thKind.TV, Dec. 15, 2019; Editors, Wisdom Quarterly

Truth Behind the Original Bible Story
Escaping from Eden (P. Wallis)
The information in this documentary will change the way we all think about the history of humanity's origins as recorded in the Bible and the far older texts it plagiarized.
    In Escaping from Eden author Paul Wallis asks, Does the Book of Genesis teach that the [current version of the] human race was created by a God or engineered by ETs? Website: 5thKind.TV
    Wallis documents that the pre-Jewish compilers of the Bible were borrowing (plagiarizing) the story from a far older Sumerian account of creation.

    Sumerians list kings with very long reigns.
    The Annunaki, or “those who came from the heavens to earth,” are the creators -- and their origins are extraterrestrial. [In Buddhism, Jainism, and Vedic Hinduism, they are called asuras and devas, titans and "shining ones."]

    Gilgamesh, Master of Animals
    Many of the world’s oldest myths claim that the governors of human societies began as domination established by superior beings they thought of as “gods.” The job of ruling was then handed over to human-hybrid kings.

    The books of the Bible have their origin in ancient Sumerian texts. They tell the same story and pre-date biblical accounts by thousands of years. They document the existence of ancient aliens.

    The Sumerian story begins with powerful and long-lived beings coming down from space -- the heavens, the stars, the sky. The Sumerian glyph for these beings is a symbol that points to the sky.

    The Annunaki came from the heavens. They are the sky people. Why are we here? The Bible is a watered down version of the scary truth behind what really happened to earth in the past.

    Mark S. Smith and many other scholars like Zecharia Sitchen have figured it out.

    This information might be a lot to take in, so for help de-stressing, check out the mind and body relaxation channel with guided meditations scripted and read by Paul Wallis.
    • Gilgamesh was an annunaki-human hybrid king, whose tomb was discovered in Iraq and part of the reason for the US War was to extract DNA to confirm this in 2003, claims Wallis.
    • Sumerian (𒅴𒂠) is the language of ancient Sumer that was spoken in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). A cultural symbiosis developed in the 3rd millennium BC between the Sumerians and the Semitic-speaking Akkadians, with influence on each other evident in all areas

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