Thursday, June 18, 2020

12 Discoveries Science Can't Explain (video)

Inforado, April 17, 2020; Sheldon S., Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
This photo shows a giant human footprint as large as a man. There were giants (asuras, titans)?

Scientists Can't Explain These 12 Mysteries
Even the most intelligent people in the world don’t know everything. We can spend our whole lives studying science and history, but there will still be things we’ll never understand -- and that the powers that be will not tell us. That doesn’t just go for new discoveries. It also covers objects and places that were created by our ancient ancestors. We may have drastically underestimated the abilities and level of intelligence of civilizations that came before us because all the things we’re about to see remain a mystery to all of the public experts who’ve ever studied them. The secrets experts in black budget projects probably know.
  • There were giants all over the planet from ancient times
  • Maps of the planet proceeded our current understanding
  • Technology is far older than our recent inventions
  • There are extraterrestrial influences on the planet
  • There are carvings visible from the sky like the Nasca Lines -- in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert in a lava field (Harat Kabar, the Bedouins call "the works of the elders")
  • Maharashtra, India petroglyphs with out-of-place animals
  • Czar Alexander I of Russia (1782) had a tub for giants...

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