Friday, June 12, 2020

How simple meditation is (Matt Ricard)

Matthieu Ricard translating for the Dalai Lama
(Talks at Google) French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, known to science as the "happiest man in the world," leads a simple meditation on altruistic love and compassion on June 11, 2015 in California.

Ricard left a career in cellular genetics to study Buddhism and become a monk in the Himalayas over 45 years ago. He is an international bestselling author and an active participant in the current scientific research of the effects of meditation on the brain. He lived in Darjeeling, India, and now resides in a monastery in Nepal where he devotes most of his time to 140 humanitarian projects in Tibet, Nepal, and India.

(Head Talks) My life in the Himalayas: Being Friends with Our Own Mind

He's a Westerner and he knows the Dharma
He may be the world's best bridge between modern Western science and ancient Eastern wisdom. He introduces "meditation" (bhavana and dhyana) as a concept and leads a practice that includes mindful breathing, altruistic love, compassion, rejoicing, and impartiality (The Four Divine Abidings). He concludes by emphasizing the value of caring mindfulness. Q&A session follows the meditation.

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