Friday, June 12, 2020

Kops Keep Killing + Karens Keep Karping

Kops Keep Killing: KKK (1)
Sheriff's deputies are now paramilitary agents.
LANCASTER, Los Angeles County - A black man's house was broken into by police, who then shot him to death. The name of the shooter was not released to protect him. This intentional killing was committed by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Lancaster early Thursday morning.

The black man, Michael Thomas, 62, was shot on purpose in his own living room after sheriff's deputies responded to unfounded reports of a domestic altercation inside the home between Thomas and his hard of hearing fiancé. According to the deputies with blood on their hands, Mr. Thomas came to the door but refused to comply with their demands.

Why would anyone think sheriffs are "racist"?
“I heard [the deceased victim] Michael say, ‘I have a right to not let you in my house,'” said his partially deaf fiancĂ©, Kimberly Smith. Her story differs from deputies’ telling of what happened next. He was only turning away from them, she explains. The LA Sheriff’s Department, speaking for the killers, says the deputies struggled with Mr. Thomas for no apparent reason and then claim he was reaching down.

One deputy claims to have interpreted that this meant Mr. Thomas was going to try to take one of their guns, leaving the deputy open to execute the black man and claim the homicide was permissible, or at least the sort of police-involved shooting that the deceased cannot contest so the officer's word is taken as all the evidence needed to close the case without ever filing criminal charges that might deter these incidents. The county will have to pay out a considerable civil fine to make it all go away in spite of all the recent protests against this very excessive force policing. More

Karens Keep Karping: KKK (2)
TORRANCE, Los Angeles - A white woman (a "Karen"/"Susan" thought to be "crazy lady" Lena Hernandez) was caught on video.

"Karens" are entitled and racist white women
She was unleashing a racist tirade towards an Asian woman, who was exercising on concrete stairs in Torrance this week. The Amy Cooper-style confrontation took place just after 9:00 am Wednesday at Wilson Park in Torrance, according to a Facebook post that included three videos. One 34-second video shows the white woman going up and down the stairs in close proximity to a younger non-white woman using the stairs to exercise. More

ynching of young black man over a "racist message" in front of City Hall in Palmdale?

PALMDALE - Robert Fuller, 20-something, was found hanged in front of City Hall. The young black man was fully dressed and dead dangling from a rope and a branch. Police are quickly claiming it was "suicide," claiming there were no additional wounds to prove otherwise. The oddity of his death, the strange location, the recent national uprising, the racist history of Palmdale somehow did not figure into their short "investigation." However, who can believe murderous police or their stenographers the mainstream media? Here's the story from

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