Monday, June 6, 2011

A bird, a plane? No, it's a chemtrail! (video)

KPFK's Cary Harrison discusses a film documenting chemtrails. This sampling from his radio show has been edited but the online stream and download of the entire hour are at (audio archives, Go Harrison, show 12/8/10). Shot over LA above the world's porn capital North Hollywood in 2009.

As chemtrails (aerosol dispersant chemical trailing behind planes that linger and grow into haze as they fill with moisture) continue over Los Angeles, we noticed many seem to be coming in from the Inland Empire and Orange County.

Buddhists around the world have mistakenly started photographing dispersed chemtrails as "special rainbows" and "Buddha rings" due to their beautiful iridescence (unlike normal high altitude clouds) which looks like the Buddha's aura when light strikes them at a certain angle.

If one drives out to Riverside in the morning and turns back towards L.A., an amazing thing is happening in the sky. One need only go as far as behind the Orange Curtain to notice it: Chemtrails become strange stringy, wispy smears that balloon into massive haze easily mistaken for natural clouds in otherwise blue skies.

Iridescent metallic and aerosol dispersant laden trails being pumped from a plane
It's the rapid transformation from one to the other originating inland to the east and south that is striking. The strontium, aluminum, and barium is raining down affecting soil alkalinity. Good soil needs to be acidic to grow vegetation. It is is being ruined by alkalizing heavy metals, which are very toxic.

Weather modification (causing unseasonable and sudden rains in one place and drought and flooding in others), global cooling by laying out a literal grid or tic tac toe pattern of reflective clouds to redirect solar heat (while contaminating rain and groundwater), HAARP technology, ant-stealth radar for identified and unidentified aircraft, social control, concealing new features in our sky such as a pesky planet or satellite that is sometimes visible (discounted by the media as the International Space Station or Venus by day), and possible depopulation plans... there are many projects and proposals behind the aerosol crimes going on.


AEROSOL CRIMES: the chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that the lingering streaks seen behind some aircraft are not ordinary condensation trails. They are the result of high-altitude spraying for various purposes hidden from the public. Versions of the theory hold that they are toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and even red blood cells deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere by officials and federal agencies. This is despite thousands of complaints from those demanding an explanation. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), NASA, FDA (Federal Aviation Administration), and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) published a fact sheet to refute rumors and to explain the science of contrail formation and dismiss all questions. So go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. Nobody likes a troublemaker.

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