Sunday, February 26, 2012

Adam Sandler sweeps 2012 nominations

"Comedy" actor gathers most nominations in 2012
Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
HOLLYWOOD, California - It should come as a surprise to no one who attends grimy nickelodeons, former triple-X rated screening houses, and discount theater chains across America. Sandler is a staple, so his record-breaking feat is actually long overdue.

It is no wonder that he was nominated a record 11 times this year, his most prolific ever. It comes on the heels of his foray into transvestism, co-starring opposite himself in "Jack and Jill" (shown at left). Even Katie Holmes (Suri Cruise's mother) and Jennifer Aniston (whose boobs will remain hidden in the hit "Wanderlust") could not redeem the sophomoric comedian.

Eyes have gone green with envy from the likes of Eddie Murphy, Janine Garafolo, Peewee Herman, Sarah Silverman, and many other irony-laden artists who would covet such a distinction. If none of this makes sense, it is because the Academy Awards are not the only announcements today. Sandler has been nominated for... More

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