Friday, February 17, 2012

Catholic Molestation vs. Contraception (video)

; Wisdom Quarterly; John and Ken Show (KFI AM), NBC Los

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Washington Legislative Office Director, Laura Murphy, discusses the recent controversy surrounding the Obama administration's announcement that it would keep in place a proposed rule that ensures that new insurance plans include coverage of contraception.

The Pope's Catholic Church, Inc. does not want nonprocreative sex -- unless it is between clerics and children and kept very secret.

That is one way to grow a religion, an irresponsible way. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (such as AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts or HPV) in America and Catholic-colonized Africa do not matter.

The overpopulation of the Earth and Third World nations do not matter. What matters is patriarchal, sexist, monastic Catholic doctrine for people living in the world.

Never mind that most Catholics disregard doctrinal impositions into their private lives, because this is about guilt, secular laws and polices, and health care. But what the Vatican wants, Obama is only too happy to give.

Recently on KFI's "John and Ken Show," a racist/sexist glee fest of conservative talk (that has gotten so bad that they have been thrown off the air for derogatory statements about the late great Whitney Houston), a very important story about Catholic sex abuse was broadcast.
  • Right wing radio hosts John and Ken (who also appear nightly on a FOX News TV affiliate in LA) have made many inflammatory and offensive comments when discussing poor children, gay men, Koreans, Native Americans, and Latinos. This sparked an NHMC "Take John and Ken Off The Air" Campaign that resulted in more than 20 firms (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, GM) to pull advertising.
Raymond Boucher, an attorney prosecuting the Vatican, revealed what he had found about the Catholic Church's clerical molestation of children in past decades. In the 1940s the Vatican [Servants of Paraclete] bought a Caribbean island to hide, house, and heal molester-priests. But the project failed because the Catholic clerics could not be stopped from molesting islander children.

Child Sexual Abuse
Child Molesting Priests Hiding in Plain Sight
Some 200 Catholic priests suspected of sexual abuse are living undetected in communities across California, according to an attorney.

He represents hundreds of plaintiffs who sued the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese for molestation children report was inflicted on them by priests and Church clergy.

Attorney Ray Boucher has mapped sixty locations where suspect priests live in cities and towns from northern to southern California, and provided those locations to NBC4 exclusively. "Many if not all these priests have admitted to sexual abuse," Boucher said. "They live within a mile of 1,500 playgrounds... More (plus video)

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