Sunday, February 26, 2012

Autism from a child's view (cartoon)

TheAnMish (Aspie); Dr. Claudia M. Gold (; Wisdom Quarterly
"The causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder? How dare you! You can't talk about a cause! Next you'll be talking about a cure. I'm not chelating my kid! So what if environmental toxins, like vaccine excipients, are implicated? You have to vaccinate. Asperrger's -- it's God's will; it's a random occurrence; it's unexplainable, so don't even talk about it until you go through it. Chemtrails, thimerosal, plasticizers, food additives, 'natural' flavors, excitotoxins, lead, fluoride... I don't want to hear it!"

The Autism Label Controversy: A Child's View
Dr. Claudia M. Gold, M.D. (

ADULT: "That kid has autism." CHILD: "I am very smart and tuned in to everything happening around me. I get overwhelmed when there are a lot of people. I love music, but I hear every sound so intensely that I need to cover my ears. Sometimes I run around in circles to help myself calm down. When grown-ups make me go somewhere that is too loud or confusing, I lie down on the floor and scream.

(TheAnMish) Many positives to not being "neurotypical": focus,
creativity, loyalty, devotion, innocence, honesty, loving-kindness.

"When people get too close I can't stand it. Sometimes I hit the other kids when this happens and now I can't go to preschool. My parents fight all the time about what to do about my difficult behavior. My little sister is very quiet because she knows to get out of the way when I am having trouble." More

Famous Faces of Autism

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