Friday, February 17, 2012

Why are things invisible? (video) (editorial) edited and expanded by Wisdom Quarterly
UFO caught by Int'l Space Station, the gateway to astronautical photography, Sept. 2011.

PUNE, India - UFOs are normally hidden by an electromagnetic flux making them invisible. But thousands of them are hovering all around us. Scientists in India finally understand how.

Engineers at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) are busy experimenting with a device that can see through the stealth effects of intense electromagnetic flux. According to them, the stealth effects come from creating an intense electromagnetic field around any object.

Aerosol dispersants ("chemtrails") help the MIC detect stealth aircraft and UFOs by creating a sensitive fluid net (using red blood cells, toxic heavy metals, and exotic compounds) as seen here over suburban Los Angeles in 2011 (Wisdom Quarterly/CC Liu).

Russians have been experimenting with stealth technology. It can be created through the advanced application of super conductors. But there are paranormal means of creating this flux, which renders anything invisible.

It can be created by meditative concentration (Buddhist jhanas), which can be cultivated by any human being. It is an effect of serenity (shamatha) from keeping attention on the present moment, the opposite of attention deficit disorder.

When such absorption (jhana, dhyana, zen) takes place, strange phenomena occur. The Buddha stated that the range of power that can be developed in this way is imponderable. People call these miracles, marvels, heavenly effects, and so on.

The range and influence of a buddha is another imponderable atop the wonder of wielding jhana (meditative absorption) powers, depicted in this Dhammakaya ( billboard, Azusa, California (WQ/Ashley Wells).

Some animals possess sensors that enable them to sense energy levels beyond the human electromagnetic range. Dogs, cats, and birds are probably seeing UFOs without being able to express it.

But why are UFOs seen sometimes? The reason UFOs are visible only in rare instances and for a short time is that when a UFO enters Earth’s atmosphere and approaches an object, it has to go from ultrasonic speed and maneuvering techniques down to sonic speeds.

It has to adjust to Earth’s electromagnetic and gravitational effects. At that moment, to avoid electromagnetic interference, the artificial flux is removed briefly. Afterward, the electromagnetic cloud is regenerated around the UFO. "Personal invisibility" is already in use by the US Military-Industrial Complex:

Invisibility is a practical technical reality (and an ancient spiritual one) while we argue over theory. Video courtesy of uploader InfiniteFreeThinkers via .

This explains why in many countries Air Force pilots have chased UFOs only to have them disappear. There are early indications that teleportation mechanisms can (or already have been) developed from researching electromagnetic flux.

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