Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mysterious Origins of Humans (audio)

Dr. Michael Cremo is interviewed on Blog Talk Radio (BTR).

Michael Cremo, Ph.D. joins BTR (platformforthefuture.com, tenebroust) for a discussion of mind boggling human origins, antiquity, and devolution. Much of the discussion is devoted to his work The Forbidden Archeologist. You can find more about Michael Cremo. More at forbiddenarcheology.com.

Human artifacts in California goldmine

() Dr. Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa) is one of the few academics who refuses to change the facts to fit the dominant theory. But what scientific evidence is there that modern humans have lived on Earth for billions of years in line with Vedic, Buddhist, Hindu, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Mayan cosmologies?

Information in his book Forbidden Archeology is criticized and filtered (forbidden) by the Smithsonian and many mainstream university departments where knowledge filterers congregate to defend the status quo. Cremo has the audacity to question evolution.

The book claims that humans have lived on Earth for millions and billions of years and that the scientific establishment suppresses the fossil evidence for extreme human antiquity when it deviates to standard Darwinian theory.

Knowledge filtration ("confirmation bias") is the reason. Cremo continued this line of work in Forbidden Archeology's Impact (1998) and Human Devolution (2003).

He believes his findings support the account of humanity described in the ancient Indian Vedas ("Books of Knowledge"). India's Frontline magazine has lauded Michael Cremo and co-author Richard Thompson as "the intellectual force driving Vedic creationism." He is neither a creationist nor an Darwinist but is simply looking at the evidence.

His books and findings provided much of the content for the maverick 1996 NBC special "The Mysterious Origins of Man." Fortunately, Cremo is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast.

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