Friday, February 24, 2012

Wisdom for the Constantly Connected (book); Wisdom Quarterly
From going online to learning what it means to OM on Reuters, it was recently reported that we Americans are willing to go longer without friends and sex than we are to be deprived of our addiction to the Internet.

We spend more time on our computers, BlackBerrys, cell phones [mobiles], and iPods than we do with each other or even with ourselves. Using these technologies becomes a compulsive rather than intentional or creative process. Instead of increasing our productivity, multitasking is stressing us out!

Wisdom 2.0 Conference (Huff Po)

In Wisdom 2.0, Soren Gordhamer offers sound guidance to millions of people trying to find balance between using technology and staying human.

Humorous and fun, both editions provide effective, time-tested tools for reducing stress and nurturing creativity in a technology-saturated world.

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