Thursday, February 16, 2012

Suppressed ancient discoveries (audio)

Wisdom Quarterly, Johnathan Gray (Dead Men's Secrets), Coast to Coast AM

George Noory interviews Johnathan Gray. Researcher Zecharia Sitchin was willing to stake everything he had written about "ancient astronauts" on the DNA testing of a 4,500 year old Sumerian woman whose remains were found with what he believes to be "the signature of the gods." But such physical, anthropological, and archeological evidence is suppressed. Why? The military-industrial complex (MIC) does not want the world to know the real history of the planet, its visitors, and the advanced technology we have had. Instead we are fed, on the one hand, a steady stream of well meaning linear science that is not allowed to follow the questions the evidence demands when it violates the dominant theory. Religious fanatics, on the other hand, over reach and make scientists look smart. The false dichotomy is, "If you question science (i.e., the consensus reality dictated as science), you must be preaching creationism." A wise person remains open minded, because both sides are very mistaken. Follow the evidence because the TRUTH is far stranger than fiction.

() Ancient and Suppressed Discoveries, Part 6/11 (Part 1)

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