Friday, February 24, 2012

Burma: a fresh look after 17 years (audio)

Bruce Wallace, The World (PRI, Public Radio International, Feb. 24, 2012)
The World’s Mary Kay Magistad is in Burma (Myanmar) speaks with anchor Lisa Mullins about the changes she is seeing in this ancient Buddhist land. For one thing, now Aung San Suu Kyi t-shirts are available at the airport.

Me N Ma Girls is an all-girl group from Burma. The girls conjure up images of the Spice Girls and other female pop singers like Britney Spears with their colorful wigs and dance tunes.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that Washington will start the process of exchanging ambassadors with Myanmar (Burma) following the release of political prisoners there.

The Saffron Revolution was led by Buddhist monastics protesting totalitarianism that inspired the novel 1984. It was crushed by a corrupt, China-backed regime (

Burmese Political Prisoners Released
Burma has released the most prominent political dissidents of the country from jail. One of the dissidents released is Mya Aye who had been serving a 65-year jail sentence for speaking out against the Burmese government.

Burma’s Key Dissidents
Photographer and activist James Mackay photographed former political prisoners including prominent activists such as opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

British cartoonist Ronald Searle dies
Anchor Marco Werman talks to British cartoonist Steve Bell about the life and work of British graphic artist Ronald Searle who died at the age of 91. Searle was the author of the St. Trinian’s series and was an illustrator for many news publications.

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