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The range of being "human" (video)

Amber Dorrian, Wisdom Quarterly
VIDEO: Supatra Sasuphan, an 11-year-old Thai girl known as Nat [a Nat in Burma and NW Thailand is a magical kind of nature spirit], has hypertrichosis, Ambras syndrome, a genetic expression of excess hair that Europeans regarded as werewolf-ism (

Human genetic diversity is incredible. This DNA can grow horns on our head, tails from our spines, scales on our arms, hair all over, a blue complexion, a heart on the outside, or us into beautiful giants (male). Epigenetics and environmental toxins decides what segments of our genetic instructions build. Apparently human "races," varieties within species, were seeded from off-planet stock.

() Zhang Ruifang, 101, of Linlou village, central China, Henan province, noticed a small lump on her forehead. It grew to six cms, and now a small lump has appeared on the other side. Her son said the horn started as a patch of thick, rough skin.

Genetic Armageddon (

Some of the most influential ET groups seem to have been the reptilians (dragons), the blues, the Nordics (with their Pleiadian-Scandinavian good gone Nazi-"Aryan" bad), the coppers, the reds and blacks of Egyptian fame, and terrible grays (and yet for all that diversity no "little green men" except maybe leprechauns), but gnomes and fairies are another story.

The Fugates family of Troublesome Creek were as blue as Krishna and other Indian ETs/deities ( News).

The 50+ groups that have visited the planet and left genes behind -- either on purpose in an attempt to save themselves or by their penchant to mate with beautiful humans -- traces are still to be found. Who looks more "alien" than Gingers from the Emerald Isle? More "common" than giants in Europe? More alluring than hybrids of these groups?

Nat (ET, fairie, angel) statue behind Buddha

"Empire," it turns out, is not an impulse of earthlings. It is dictated from above. Red headed giants come, mate with Vikings, and before long on a swift new breed of boats, they are crossing the sea to the Americas. A group lands, hands over some technology for the time (how to build a ship, form an alloy, employ a military maneuver, etc.), and sends out the slave traders.

Many earthbound devas fit the descriptions of traditional European and Greek "fairies."

Many humans are currently being abducted and enslaved off planet, tortured and abused in subterranean cities, and sexually made much of by fellow humans and "others" inspiring them. But no one wanted to face that under Malta or Dulce, with Stewart Swerdlow or Alex Collier, how much the less anywhere else?

Where 50% of genes come from are often worshipped in Asia to day as they have been elsewhere in earlier times, shown here cradled in Shinto arms in Japan as a Westerner looks on in disbelief that they are not embarrassed.

Prophecies of Genetic Manipulation
According to Hebrew scholar and biblical prophecy expert Douglas Hamp, we are entering an era of genetic manipulation that will set the stage for celestial (space) intervention in human affairs.

Hamp predicts that within the next 10 years a major disclosure event will take place which will convince the public to cooperate with space aliens to participate in the next level of evolution.

But these visitors are actually "demons" rather than benevolent ETs. These particular aliens are using a hybridization program -- mixing human genetics with the Satanic -- in order to create an army to fight Sakka/Thor/Zeus/Jesus who is returning, Hamp postulates. He suggests these hybrids may already reside in underground facilities throughout the US.

Human baby and taller alien greys have already been combined with help of smaller drones.

Hamp correlates such beings with biblical accounts: The Nephilim, or "fallen angels," mated with human females and had hybrid offspring. Some of them were said to be giants (titans, asuras).

Scientific tampering with the genetic code, such as recombinant DNA, may lead to the possibility that people will be offered genetic "enhancements." If we accept them we will be turned into Satanic hybrids, akin to the Christian Bible's "mark of the beast," Hamp speculates.

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